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Halloween costumes for your fifi male masturbator

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For those of us here at fifi, Halloween is one of the best times of the whole year. As incorrigible horn dogs, we love anything that makes people at parties and clubs bare flesh like they’re at the beach or in the bedroom. Okay, the “Sexy Freddie Krueger” costume is totally ridiculous, but we’re all about a “Sexy Paratrooper.” Dressing up as something you’re not is fun, so we thought it might be fun to make costumes for our favorite male sex toys. Here are a few ideas you can use if you’d like to dress up your fifi.

Since Halloween is a good time to dress as your polar opposite, you could give your fifi a nice, pure, innocent-seeming costume. Turn it into a virgin with a little white wedding dress! You might get some funny looks if you buy a doll-sized wedding dress, though…

If your fifi is blue, you can easily give it a boner pill costume by making a little sign that says the drug company name on it and sticking it to the outside with double-sided tape. No, it’s not the same shape as the little blue pill, but you can use your imagination.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is 40 years old this year, so why not pay tribute to it with a fishnet “sleeve” and a string of costume pearls? You can cut one leg off a pair of fishnets and slide it over the bottom of your fifi while it’s rolled up and loop the string of pearls around it. We don’t recommend putting lipstick on your fifi, though. If you don’t have the pearls, maybe a feather boa would be more your speed.

The easiest costume of all, though, is a pair of stick-on googly eyes. You can imagine the fun when you’re using the fifi and those eyes are jiggling around!

If you don’t have your fifi yet, get one here! You’ll have it in time for dressing it up like a Pilgrim next month, with buckles and ruffs. Just make sure your fifi’s Halloween costume is something you don’t mind throwing out in case you mess it up.