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Giving up masturbation for Lent? Not fifi!

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We hear there’s this thing some people do called giving up masturbation for Lent. It’s something we can’t even wrap our sex-obsessed heads around. We at fifi headquarters hope we never have to give up jerking off for any reason, whether it’s because of beliefs or physical circumstances or anything else.

Those of you men out there who are not giving up masturbation for Lent, we’re talking to you for now. Have you tried the fifi sex toy for men yet? It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use male masturbator that uses disposable inner sleeves made of latex. You lay the inner sleeve across the fifi when it’s flat, and then you roll it up nice and snug if you want a tight hole, or looser if you prefer. Go to town on your new favorite custom-fit male sex toy. After you use the fifi, all you do is throw away the disposable sleeve and put away the fifi until the next time you want to masturbate. There’s nothing to clean. Even if you forget to store your fifi and leave it sitting out in plain sight, the design is discreet enough that it doesn’t scream “sex toy.” The fifi can pass for a bottle cozy.

But if you’re one of those people willing to go the distance and you’re giving up masturbation for Lent, 40 days will pass before you know it… right? Or maybe you could tell yourself that if you’re not using your hand, it doesn’t really count. (We are not responsible for any breaking of your personal moral codes or violations of your religious practices.)

Giving up masturbation for Lent is hard, but buying a fifi won’t be. Whether you buy it now or wait until Lent is over, you can get fifi here with free shipping.