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Get Rid of Bad Habits for a Better Sex Life

Get Rid of Bad Habits for a Better Sex Life

Better Habits, Better Sex Life

We’ve all got some bad habits–it’s only human. These habits can impact our lives in different ways. Some of them affect our wallets, some are dangerous to our overall health and longevity, but did you know that many of your bad habits might be negatively affecting your sex life? It’s true–some of these habits relate to food, alcohol, and drug intake while others are related to your relationship with your significant other. Here are 7 bad habits to change if you want to have a better sex life.

Bad Relationship Habits

These habits can be difficult to change, because they involve you and your partner. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll both be glad you did!

Having a “Routine”

Everybody knows that monogamy can get monotonous after a while. It’s easy to fall into a routine, especially if you think a specific set of plays usually “works.” Try to shake things up every now and then. That doesn’t (and shouldn’t) mean going out of your comfort zone, but something as simple as a new position or some roleplaying can make you and your partner look at each other from a fresh perspective–one that will turn both of you on again and make you remember why you are together in the first place!

Letting a Cat or Dog Sleep in Your Bed

We get it–pet owners love their furry friends, but allowing your pet to share your bed is an awful idea if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship. Not only does it feel like your pets might be “watching,” pets can also feel tension and anxiety. If you insist on letting your pets sleep in your bed, you should definitely wait until after you’ve had sex.

Bad Health Habits

The following habits might be difficult to change, but luckily, they are changes you can make by yourself. Once you do, you’ll be amazed by your newfound sex drive.

Drinking Too Much

Excessive alcohol consumption can ruin your sex drive. It’s an easy habit to fall into–many people drink to lower their inhibitions, which they think will lead to better sex. However, this often backfires, because the depressant qualities of alcohol can make people tired or angry. Not to mention, alcohol can also make it nearly impossible to orgasm.

Overeating or Eating Too Late

Late dinners or midnight snacks might sound delicious, but if you’re planning to have some…let’s say “dessert” later, it’s best to eat a healthy, light meal earlier in the evening. Aside from making people self-conscious, overeating also decreases your energy levels.

Not Exercising

Hitting the gym is one of the best ways to build up energy levels and stamina, both of which are crucial elements to a great sex life. Moderate exercise is also a great way to release stress and let go of anxiety. When you’re less anxious, you’ve got more energy and mental focus to have mind-blowing sex. What’s more, sex after a great workout can be absolutely amazing–your endorphins are already high, and confidence levels are through the roof. Don’t believe us? Give it a try! You’ll thank us later.


As you know, cigarettes are directly linked to lung cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems, but here’s a fact that cigarette companies don’t put on the side of the pack under the Surgeon General’s Warning: smoking is one of the fastest ways to ruin your sex drive, too. Even WebMD has confirmed this fact recently. It’s no wonder–nothing kills the mood like a coughing fit, and nobody finds phlegm sexy.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these tips help you find new levels of passion. If you’re dealing with deeper issues like a lack of stamina, you might want to consider finding a realistic male masturbator like Fifi to help you “practice” lasting longer. Remember–better habits will lead to better sex, which leads to a better, happier life.