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Women aren’t the only ones having fun with masturbation devices. Sex toys for men are getting more popular and more easily accessible all the time, and you don’t even have to blow a huge wad of cash when you want to blow a load. The fifi male masturbator feels way better than your hand, there’s no mess to clean, and it’s easy on your bank account. Here’s how you can get a life with more orgasms thanks to a better sex toy for men.

No more weird homemade sex toys

You’ve probably gotten creative with male masturbation devices, especially when you were young. When you buy a fifi, you can wave goodbye to sticking your dick in a plastic bag full of petroleum jelly that you stuffed between your mattress and box spring. You’ll never need to fuck an apple pie again. Well, you can still do those things if it’s what really grills your cheese. No judgement here, dude, but just know that fifi requires much less effort and gives you a bigger payoff. But if you do feel creative, we can tell you from experience that a layer of bubble wrap between the fifi and the disposable sleeve feels awesome.

No more cleaning messy men’s sex toys

To use a fifi, you just roll up the disposable latex sleeve inside the foam outer sleeve, as tightly or loosely as you like it. While you’re using the fifi, you can squeeze it if you want more pressure and you’ll feel the difference. When you’re done, you don’t have to clean up anything because you can throw away the disposable sleeve like you’re tossing out a condom.

No more hiding your male masturbator

Any woman who doesn’t freak out over finding a pocket pussy or a homemade vagina that you left sitting out in the open is a keeper, but don’t hold your breath. fifi looks like a bottle cozy or a pot holder, so you might get some questions, but plenty of women will have no idea that’s your sex toy. Thanks to the discreet design, we’ve even passed through an airport search without a big scene when we stuffed a fifi in the carry-on.

Get a life… full of orgasms

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