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Flashback Friday, fifi edition

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Remember when you made your first homemade sex toy? Did you call it your fifi? Maybe your homemade vagina or pocket pussy? You probably used a rubber glove or a condom rolled up in a towel, right? Some of you might even have called it your jailhouse girlfriend.

Well, whatever you called that first homemade sex toy, now you call it your fifi and you don’t have to make it yourself. See those cleaning products up there? You won’t need those.

The fifi male sex toy is ready to go, with disposable sleeves so you don’t have to clean up anything. It’s so easy to use a fifi. You roll up the sleeve inside the fifi like it’s a condom. fifi is made of foam and fabric, with hook and loop tape so you can wrap it as tightly or loosely as you like it. The material holds warmth well, so it feels as good as real body heat. While you’re doing your thing with this awesome male masturbation toy, you can squeeze the outside so it feels more snug on the inside. It feels like it’s gripping you, and you get to control how much.

When you’ve done the deed, you don’t want to clean up a mess, and that’s why fifi only needs you to dispose of the latex sleeve just the same way you would throw out a condom. See, fifi only asks for a little but it gives so much.

You can reminisce about back in the day when you had your first male masturbator, but you don’t have to settle for any old homemade men’s sex toy. fifi is the best male masturbator and you can get yours right here.