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Do you get… special feelings about plush toys? We’re not here to judge—whatever grills your cheese, we always say, as long as no one gets hurt. The fifi crew thinks that kink is a good thing. Just this week it came to our attention that some intrepid, creative, horny souls out there have discovered some special potential in the fifi sex toy for men that even we never could have imagined. Let’s call it the fifi yiff toy.

Taking the “toy” part of “sex toy” to a whole new level, plushophiles (aka plushies) really love their stuffed toys. They’re into plush in ways that a lot of people aren’t.

Plushies are part of a fairly complicated subculture, and we’d be here all day if we tried to explain what a plushy is, but in short: there are some people who think of and enjoy their fuzzy friends in an amorous way (it’s called yiffing) and they’ve started to notice how the fifi male masturbator can be a part of that. We love to see the creative ways that people hack their fifis. There was one guy who uses bubble wrap for texture and another with a latex allergy who substitutes nitrile gloves for the disposable sleeves, so why not stuff a fifi men’s sex toy into a stuffed animal to create your own yiff toy, if that’s what gets you off?

The first fifi plush toy mod that we found was a stuffed wolf. It could be placed upright on a shelf and no one would ever know that the toy wolf was sitting on a secret. In fact, it kind of looked like a puppet. Then we found another yiffy toy that consisted of a fifi masturbator stuffed inside a plush shark’s mouth, for those times when you really want to screw the sea’s most dangerous predator. The shark toy was even more subtle than the wolf, because the big mouth disguised the fifi within.

It makes our horny souls proud to know that people enjoy the best male masturbator and turn it into something that works even better for them. We salute you and your DIY philosophy, anonymous fifi yiff toy makers.

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