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A fifi owner is a happy sex toy owner

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A fifi owner can be lazy

Owning a fifi men’s sex toy is so easy you’ll almost forget what a major pain it can be to own any other male masturbator. Did you know that other men’s toys make you use soap—a specific kind that won’t damage the material? Let’s say you used to own a fleshlike male masturbator. Do you remember the way you had to clean the toy, rinse it really well, pat it dry or let it air dry, and dust it with a conditioning powder to keep it in good condition? And you had to do all of that immediately or risk an even harder mess to clean. It was so involved that you probably stopped using that toy altogether, because what guy wants to clean his spunk out of a sex toy? You don’t have to get involved with any tedious maintenance rituals when you have a fifi male masturbator. Roll a disposable latex sleeve up inside the fifi’s outer sleeve when you’re ready to use it, do your thing, and toss the sleeve like a condom afterward. Then you can just roll over and go to sleep.

How does it feel to use a fifi?

If you’ve used fleshlike masturbators, you haven’t felt anything like the fifi sex toy for men. You can roll it up extra tight or make it a little looser, thanks to the broad strip of hook and loop fastener (okay, let’s face it, we all call it Velcro) on the cloth outer sleeve. Once you’ve lubed up the inner latex sleeve and you’re all snug inside your fifi, you can squeeze it to feel more pressure, which is something you can’t do when fucking a fleshlike sex toy that’s inside a hard plastic shell. It warms up to your body temperature as you use it. The longer you use your fifi over time, the more it conforms to your shape. It’s sort of like the sex-toy equivalent of your favorite old pair of jeans.


A fifi owner doesn’t have to worry about being outed as a perverted masturbator. Let’s say you’re on the road a lot, so you decide to bring your favorite sex toy for company. Maybe you’re in a committed relationship or just don’t want to bother trying to hook up on the road. Inside your suitcase, your fifi can pass for a travel pillow or a sleeve for a hot/cold pack, so if you have to deal with people rooting through your luggage, don’t sweat it. You can even leave it sitting out in your hotel room and it will be as inconspicuous as a bottle cozy.

How to become a fifi owner like the cool guys

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