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Three ways the fifi male masturbator can improve your life

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Anybody who likes to masturbate—that’s anybody we can think of—knows that sex toys for men can make even the best self-pleasure more pleasurable. That’s where fifi comes in. fifi male sex toys feel way better than your hand and they make no mess.

  1. No more weird homemade sex toys

You don’t have to stick your dick in a plastic bag full of petroleum jelly that you’ve placed between the mattress and box spring. No more holes in watermelons. fifi requires much less effort but with a bigger payoff.

  1. No more messy male masturbation toys to clean

It’s so easy to use fifi. You just roll up the disposable latex sleeve inside fifi’s foam outer sleeve, tightening it or loosening it as you like, and squeezing it if you want more pressure while you stroke in and out. When you’re done, you don’t have to clean up anything because the sleeve is like a condom that you can just throw away.

  1. No more hiding your male sex toys

Men’s sex toys usually aren’t very discreet. What girlfriend or roommate wouldn’t freak out over a rubber pocket pussy or a silicone mouth just sitting out in the open? Because fifi looks like a small neck pillow or some kind of support brace, the most you’ll get is some questions, not a chewing-out that the neighbors will hear. If your fifi happens to be seen in the airport or at home, you don’t have to get embarrassed thanks to the design.

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