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We all know holidays can stress you out. Maybe you’re panic-buying a gas station bottle of wine at the last minute because it slipped your mind that you were supposed to bring something to a Dirty Santa party. You put off buying presents and you have to run out to the store after work on the week before Christmas. Then you getdragged to the mall on December 26th when things go on clearance. And if we all hate Christmas music so much then why have we been hearing it in every store for a month already? What you need is a good stocking stuffer.

Yeah, holidays are only fun in small doses and only for some people. We know. That’s why it’s important to make time for yourself amid all the tinsel and creeper elves and chaos. Your fifi male masturbator is a stocking stuffer that every guy can appreciate. It can be a gift to yourself, and you won’t have to defile those socks you got for Christmas from somebody who apparently also put off shopping for presents.

If you’re stressed out about how much you spent on Christmas presents, jacking off with fifi is an excellent way for you to take your mind off it. You won’t have to spend much to buy one, and you deserve a present too.

When you’ve just come home from another party where you got blue balls from the way the woman you’ve been crushing on looked in her cocktail dress, you can always turn to your fifi male masturbator for relief. You’re probably getting home late, but the fifi disposable sleeve keeps you from having a mess to clean. That means you can just toss away the sleeve when you’re done and go to sleep.

If you’re a bah-humbug type of guy and you want nothing to do with holidays at all, then you’re probably spending as much time jacking off as you normally do, so why not make it feel better than your hand? The fifi sex toy for men can be rolled up as tightly as you like, and it retains heat as you use it.

Get festive the way you really want to. Get fifi here and stuff your stocking. Happy holidays!