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fifi means freedom from maintenance and cleaning

fifi, independence, freedom

Here in the United States of America, home of the fifi male masturbator, the beginning of July is a time for cookouts, vacations, days on the lake or at the pool, and nights of fireworks for Independence Day. (We mean that literally, but some of you will hopefully be setting off some indoor fireworks.) Hot weather can make a man horny, as can all of those sexy bodies in bikinis at the beach or the pool.

There are a lot of ways we can celebrate our independence, and we’re here to celebrate the freedom to masturbate. You probably ought to keep that indoors, because other people have the freedom not to see your junk if they don’t want to. But you can still use your favorite sex toy freely behind closed doors, and we have something that feels a lot better than your hand.

A fifi male masturbator gives you the freedom to toss your load, then toss the inner sleeve and take a nap. Or maybe you’re on your way out… say, to that friend’s Fourth of July cookout with all the bikini-clad babes. You’re in a hurry to get out the door, but you need to relieve your tension before you go making a spectacle of yourself in your swim trunks. All you have to do is use your fifi, throw out the disposable sleeve, and go about the rest of your day.

We have a patriotic range of fifi colors, if you really want to get into the Independence Day spirit. You can choose Fire Red, Big Blue, or Commando Camouflage. Other colors include Rugged Gray, Mack Black, the faux-fur furfi, the black pleather Dominator, and the latest model, the xHamster branded fifi with its textured interior. Get fifi here, and don’t forget the disposable sleeves, lube, and other accessories.