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fifi’s got something up its sleeve

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The single feature that stands out the most about fifi male masturbators would have to be the disposable sleeve. It’s what makes this the best male masturbator for those of us who don’t want a mess to clean up after we’ve had our fun.

fifi is designed to use disposable sleeves because they’re sanitary and incredibly easy to use without affecting the way it feels. Designed for use with your favorite water-based lube, these sleeves feel great and all you have to do to “clean up” afterward is the same thing you would do with any condom: toss it in the trash.

Using the disposable sleeve inside your fifi is easy. You lay the fifi flat, Velcro side up. Lay the sleeve at the end opposite from the Velcro, leaving enough room to pull it down around the mouth of the fifi. Roll up the fifi and then pull the sleeve down over the raised lip of the fifi. Drop in some of your water-based lube and get down to business. Enjoy! When you’re done, take the sleeve out of the fifi and throw it away. You can tie it off at the end like a balloon if you’re feeling whimsical, but that’s up to you.

A perfect sex toy for men who hate the cleanup after the fun, fifi’s an easy, sanitary, and safe solution that feels great with your favorite water-based lubricant. Give your hand a rest and buy your fifi (and disposable sleeves) here.