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fifi and the history of male masturbation

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Sex toys for men of the past were obviously not like the kind we have now, our fifi male masturbators and whatnot, but they liked getting themselves off back in the day as much as we do now. We can tell because ancient cave paintings all over the world portrayed images of both female and male masturbation.

Ancient Sumerian men enhanced their potency through self-pleasure. The men of ancient Egypt thought jerking off was magical, so much so that they believed that the god Atum masturbated so hard he ejaculated the universe. The sexually open-minded ancient Greeks considered masturbation a healthy safety valve for releasing pent-up sexual frustration. And ancient Romans liked to masturbate with their left hands.

You’d think that sex toys would have been a big thing for men all along, but from what we can find out, most guys just used their hands. For French sailors in the 17th century there was the Dame de Voyage, a doll made of cloth that was possibly the first female-substitute sex toy in recorded history. In 1904, after rubber was patented, we got the first blow-up doll.

You don’t have to use your hand or a toy that requires a lot of work to get yourself off, though. Fortunately for us, we can use a simple but great male masturbator like fifi for that. With fifi, all you do is roll up the disposable latex sleeve inside the cloth and foam outer sleeve, do your thing, and then throw away the sleeve afterward. It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

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