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Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Partner

Don't Be Afraid to Talk to Your Partner

The most important things in any relationship are trust, dependability, honesty, and communication. If one of these areas is missing, then the relationship will lack. Though many couples have mastered the art of communication thanks to modern technology, some still fall short. While talking about things that go on in your day is good, you must learn how to communicate in the bedroom as well. Couples do not develop an open relationship with intimacy overnight. It takes time and plenty of trust. However, it is imperative to talk to your significant other about their wants and needs.

Learning What The Other Person Likes

Sex is a broad ranging activity that involves acts to pleasure one orally, anally, and through intercourse. Some people have limits in regards to what they will and will not do. Others have no limits and are up for trying anything. A couple must be compatible in the bedroom as they are in other areas of their life. Some people frown on anal sex, yet they love the mystic nature of this type of intimacy. They may be afraid to talk to the other person about it, but there should be no reservations.

Never be afraid to try something new with your partner, even if it is stretching you a little beyond your comfort zone. Many people stray from a committed relationship due to the fact that their partner will not be adventurous, and they have a flair for the wild side. Do not get stuck in the rut of the same position, same place and same time of the week. If you cooked the same menu every week, it would be boring after some time. The same philosophy works with your love life. Add some spice for a better flavor. Talk to each other about what could make things better.

Experimenting With Sex Toys

Some couples think that sex toys are taboo, while others think they bring a whole new element to the bedroom. Even a couple that seems to have it all together can enhance their pleasure through the use of a toy. Keep in mind; there are those times when the other party is too tired and or working late. When those nights occur, a back plan is a great idea. One of the best ways to ensure that you partner is taken care of it is to have a toy on standby. There are hundreds of toys on the market today that can really send a man or woman into orbit. The longer a couple has been together, the more boring sex can become. If you find yourself being bored and your sex life mundane, then investing in some toys is wise. Talk to your partner about the use of toys and what they would like to experiment with. From whips and chains to vibrators, there is a wide array to pick from.

Be Open About Masturbation

Masturbation is something that people never stop doing. While the frequency may reduce while in a committed relationship, the urges will still be there. There are those times when no one else is around and Mother Nature is calling. The best way to take care of this need is to handle things yourself. Men seem to be a bit more into taking care of business whenever and wherever they are. A great tool for them to carry is the FiFi. This little flashlight-like device allows them to handle their business and dispose of the evidence clearly and discreetly. Because it rolls up like a pillow, no one will know what they are carrying. Women can carry vibrators that go inside their panties too. As a couple, you need to understand that these devices are to take care of needs when you cannot. Since you cannot be with your partner 24/7, a device can greatly help.

Share Your Innermost Desires

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. That fantasy should be shared with your partner. They need to know what turns you on. Perhaps they get into role play and want to dress up in costumes. Or, maybe they want to have sex in a tropical oasis with waves crashing around. Loving someone should mean that you are open enough to tell them everything. When you communicate about even the smallest of things, it will allow you to see through to their soul. If you can make their fantasy a reality, go for it! Nurture and enhance your connection anyway you can. It will be worth it as your relationship will progress on all levels.

Sex is a game to some, but when you truly love someone, it becomes a sensual experience that is magical. Communication and talking to your partner comes along with any relationship, including a sexual one. Be vocal and say what you do not like, as well as what you like. You will find that when the lines of communication are open in the bedroom, it makes for a more pleasurable experience.