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Danish baby boom might be a result of sexy ads

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Last year, Denmark saw a series of targeted sex campaigns hoping to create a Danish baby boom. The country’s birth rate had been falling, the population’s been getting older, and the Danish welfare system would suffer as a result, as one ad explained.

What did the Spies Travel marketing agency do to convince Danes to fuck for procreation instead of only recreation? They created the now infamous “Do it for Mom” campaign. The first ad with the slogan appeared last September and it used a combination of erotic imagery, guilt tripping, and physical comedy to convince Danish people to make more babies. It’s a patriotic duty, y’all.

Another ad aired on Denmark’s national broadcast network, called the “Knald for Danmark” campaign, which translates to “Screw for Denmark.” This one took a sexy approach, hoping to inspire Danes to fuck like bunnies.

The City of Copenhagen made its own ad campaign about fertility, asking women if they had counted their eggs today and questioning men on whether or not their sperm might be slow swimmers. (Hopefully they weren’t just spilling their seed alone and wasting it!) Ninna Thomsen, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for health, said that the campaigns weren’t coordinated and she didn’t want to take credit for causing the new Danish baby boom. She was surprised that all these similar ad campaigns coincidentally ran so close together. “It certainly resulted in people getting plenty of fertility advice,” she told TV2 News.

The funny thing is that these ad campaigns might have worked. After nine months, there has been a notable surge in Denmark’s birth rate. According to a report in Politiken, Denmark’s leading daily newspaper, there will be about 1,200 more babies born this summer than last. In a country the size of Denmark, that’s no small number.

Did the ad campaigns have anything to do with the Danish baby boom? Maybe. Watch one of the videos below and tell us it doesn’t make you want to knock boots.