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Creative fifi uses for fun-loving masturbators

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Although jerking off is usually a solo endeavor, some of you guys out there are lucky enough to have an open-minded partner who likes to watch you masturbate, or even gets off on joining you. Some of you fifi owners have told us about the ways you and your partners are enjoying your male masturbators together. We love hearing from our customers about their favorite creative fifi uses!

One pro-Domme (that’s a professional dominatrix) wrote us an email to say that a client specifically bought a fifi and brought it to her so she could use it on him in their BDSM sessions. She edges him close to the brink of orgasm, over and over again, denying him orgasm until he’s begging her for release. This vicious vixen reported to us that she has kept this guy strung along for more than an hour at a time using our humble fifi. “My client’s fifi is Mack Black, but I would love it if you could make one in shiny black vinyl to go with my thigh-high boots,” she said. “I think my boyfriend would like one of his own.” Hmm, maybe someday.

Another customer with a similarly dominant personality wrote to tell us that she uses a Fire Red fifi on her husband. “I wanted it to be easy to see so he could watch me using it on him. The thing is practically day-glo,” she said. “His favorite thing is when I bring him close to orgasm and finish him off with a blowjob. I like using the fifi on my husband because I can build up his stamina. I’m the kind of girl who wants sex to last an hour or more.”

One of our customers who’s in a relationship with another man says that he and his partner each have their own fifi, and they like to watch each other using it. Another dude with a girlfriend said that he and she like to do the same thing, except that hers is a vibrator.

A soldier stationed overseas told us that he and his wife like to video chat whenever they get a chance. He uses his fifi and she uses her magic wand. They watch each other masturbate as they tell each other all the things they’re going to do when he gets home. We do love it when our humble sex toy can help the troops. It’s why we make the Commando Camouflage, after all.

The fifi crew is happy to hear about your creative fifi uses. We love knowing that our product can be such a big part of sex for couples, not just horny dudes jerking off all by themselves. Whether you use your fifi on your own or you have someone to get creative with, you can get your fifi male masturbator here.