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Commando Camouflage fifi for St. Patrick’s Day

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The Commando Camouflage fifi sex toy for men is the top choice of military men and hunters, or just those who would like to be. This distinctive variety of male masturbator has kept many a soldier company on lonely nights, or so we hear. It’s one of the most macho men’s sex toys in the world. It’s also the closest thing we have to a green fifi. Hey, it’s green enough for St. Patrick’s Day, right?

On this St. Patrick’s Day, proud owners of the Commando Camouflage fifi can rest assured that nobody would pinch them if all they had on was their favorite male masturbator. (Mind you, we’re guessing that anybody who finds you in such a state of undress is probably your horrified roommate, your disapproving significant other, or if you’re lucky, somebody who’s real hot and helping you use it on your shillelagh.) As a bonus, they could also be well within their rights to say “Kiss me, my dick is Irish!” You know what they say: everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Just be careful about saying that when you’re around an actual Irish person.

You don’t need to be Irish or even pretend-Irish to enjoy the fifi male sex toy, though. All you need is a disposable sleeve, some lube, and a hard-on. The fifi will take care of the rest, and when you’re done you won’t have anything to clean. You’ll just toss out the sleeve, and feel free to roll over and sleep off all that green beer. After using your fifi, you’ll be extra relaxed and ready for a nap.

Whether you like Commando Camouflage, Mack Black, Fire Red, Big Blue, or Rugged Gray, we and our happy customers can wholeheartedly recommend any of the fifi male sex toys. Don’t forget the disposable sleeves and the lube.