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Commando Camouflage fifi male sex toy for the troops

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Men who are in the military need love too, especially when they’re stationed far away from their sex partners. That’s why fifi is making male masturbators to go along with their camo fatigues. You could say it’s our own special way of supporting the troops. Nobody deserves to feel good more than those guys out there serving our country.

The foam and fabric outer layer of the Commando Camouflage fifi has a classic woodland camo pattern that will be familiar to all of you past and present members of any armed forces in the USA. If you want a fifi male masturbator to go with your BDUs, here you go. Whether you’re in the service right now or you just liked the look of your old gear, we made the Commando Camouflage fifi to match that iconic look.

Commando Camouflage is good for hunters, too. You never know when you might get bored in your tree stand.

To use your fifi, all you have to do is roll up the disposable sleeve inside the outer layer, fasten it with the hook-and-loop tape, and slide right on inside. It will roll as loosely or tightly as you like, and you can squeeze it for more pressure. It feels great, and it’ll feel even better as it forms to your shape over time. Eventually it’ll be as comfortable as your favorite BDUs. After you’re done, you don’t have a mess to clean up like you would with other male masturbators because the disposable sleeve can be thrown away like a condom.

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