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Change is inevitable, even in your sex life

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We’ve all learned as we’ve grown up that change is inevitable. Whether it’s moving away from your best friend when you were a kid, losing someone close to you, breaking up with your first girlfriend or boyfriend, discovering you have a new allergy, going away to college, or even just outgrowing a hobby you used to spend all of your time on, we all experience change. It gives you a new perspective on life.

What kind of change are we talking about?

Did you notice that you were more or less interested in sex after losing or gaining weight? Are you now into some kink that you never thought you would be, simply because you watched a movie that presented you with things you never even thought about doing? Did you once love redheads and now, thanks to a breakup, you never want to fuck anyone with ginger hair again? (We’re really sorry if that’s the case.) Have you started wanting sex in the morning instead of at night? All of that is to be expected when you’ve gone through even a relatively small change in your life.

Big change doesn’t have to be a big deal

It’s not weird if you’re a new parent and it has made the mother of your child feel like she’s losing her virginity again. In fact, that’s something that a lot of women have admitted to their doctors.

If you’ve just lost someone close to you, don’t be surprised if you feel an urgent need for more sex. It can be life affirming to feel that physical intimacy with someone. On the other hand, you might lose all interest in sex for a while, and that’s not weird either.

If a change is big enough to redefine your life in some meaningful way, then it’s bound to mean that you have a new attitude toward sex as well as the rest of life.

Change the way you think about change

If it’s causing problems in your relationship or it’s making you unhappy, then it’s time to think about seeking help from a doctor or a therapist. Otherwise, don’t worry. Chances are, what you think is happening only to you has happened to plenty of people you know. It’s just that none of them are speaking up about it, either.