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Bubble wrap: an awesome fifi hack

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Men’s sex toys can be the next best thing to sex itself, but you can always make them better.

One day, there was a creative and resourceful chap with some bubble wrap lying around, just taking up space in his apartment. Most guys would get rid of that stuff, but not the hero of this little anecdote. (We’ll call him Jack, last name Off.) Jack had just bought a fifi male masturbator, and as much as he liked it, he was the kind of guy who was always thinking of ways to improve upon a good thing. Right away he grabbed the bubble wrap, his fifi, a disposable sleeve, and some lube.

Jack lay the fifi flat and then placed the sheet of bubble wrap on top of it. On top of that he lay the disposable sleeve in the normal way, rolled up the fifi, secured the disposable sleeve over the lip of the fifi, and bob’s yer uncle, Jack had a new textured fifi. He used plenty of lube and it was almost like fucking a whole new fifi. It satisfied his interest in DIY hacks, and it was much better than a homemade masturbator.

With the bubble wrap, this inventive fellow gave his fifi an extra little something. It felt a little more like the real thing when he used the smaller bubbles, but you could try it with the fatter bubbles if you like.

We’ll be letting you know about more ways that you can introduce new sensations to your fifi experience. If you have some of your own, please feel free to let us know.

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