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Bringing Your Sex Life to a New Level with Role Play

Bringing Your Sex Life to a New Level with Role Play

If bedroom time is getting a little repetitive and you’re looking for something new to turn your partner on, role-playing may be the answer. Role-playing is a healthy way of incorporating new excitement and passion in the bedroom. Does your partner love a man in uniform? Be a postman with a special delivery or a police officer with your handcuffs ready. Maybe your partner is looking for a hero to save them from the closet dungeon or a villain to bound them. The opportunity to introduce new material is endless when you get a little creative.

If role playing is new to you feel free to start off simple. You can either start off by taking a role without the uniform or incorporating other wearable materials. For many people seeing their partner in uniform is a huge turn on so it’s recommended to start there. For example, if you and your partner wanted to role-play as a teacher and student but were a little unsure about where to begin you can start off by buying clothes that fit the part. For first timers I would recommend going into an adult store or ordering premade adult outfits online. The schoolteacher and student is a popular outfit that is pretty easy to find. Once you have your sexy teacher and your partner has their sexy student uniform on, get ready to pop.

If you’re a little nervous go ahead and start getting things hot before you play your part. In this example it is most common for the person who wants to be in charge to take the teacher’s role but feel free to veer off what’s common any time to find out what works best for you. When you’re ready to jump in feet first grab a ruler and tell your partner to take a seat. You’re the teacher so you tell your partner what to do. Rub that ruler all over your partner. Scold your partner for talking out of turn or ask them to lock the classroom door so you can have a conference with them. If you’d like, you can have your partner hide a Fifi in their backpack and as the teacher discover it ‘during class.’

By this time, things should be getting pretty steamy and you won’t need any more advice for how to proceed. If things are not there yet, change it up! Be a nicer teacher or get a little sterner. Let your naughty student partner take the lead. Work with it until you find what turns each other on the most. Once you get comfortable in your roles switch it up and find something new! By incorporating just this one role-playing scenario into the bedroom, you’ve laid a foundation that not only establishes more sexual excitement between you and your partner, but also opens the door for more role taking activities.

As you venture deeper into the world of role-playing you’re bound to find the role that makes you irresistible to your partner. You and your partner are likely to find even more than one role-play scenario that turns you on as a go-to for special occasions. Most couples will end up benefitting sexually by incorporating a role-play experience if they haven’t yet. Even if things are already hot and heavy in the bedroom, bringing a new role into the bedroom will only bump it up a notch.

You don’t need a partner to incorporate role-playing into your sex life either. You can use sexy uniforms to put yourself into a role and come up with scenarios that add that extra sexual tension solo! Get on your hot firefighter attire and douse the flames in your Fifi. Or dress up as a knight and stab that dragon. Role play can be used as a new tool with a partner, solo, or even multiple partners to allow yourself to experience more positive tension in the bedroom and take your current sexual routine to a whole new level.

Now you know where to start and have the ability to introduce new and sexy material into the bedroom that will allow for an explosion of pleasure the next time you need to get your rocks of. Go get ‘em, cowboy!