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Breathing Life into Your Relationship with Sexual Exploration

Breathing Life into Your Relationship with Sexual Exploration

You already know that spicing up your love life can bring more intimacy and depth to your relationship with your significant other, but you probably thought sexual exploration would cost you a bundle.

It’s not true!

Guys, you don’t have to save up your money for a sexy couples-only retreat in order to bring back the spark, and you don’t have to risk your life by trolling Craigslist for a threesome buddy to take you and your partner to new sexual heights.

We present three easy ways to put a little kink in your sex life that cost next to nothing and (hopefully) will be much appreciated by your mate.

Watch Porn Together

Many women are curious about porn, but most are turned-off by the proliferation of movies where women are portrayed as powerless sex objects. All that changed when a new breed of female directors started making couples-friendly erotic videos that appeal to both men and women. Yes, the storylines are thin and the dialogue is still corny, but the actors and actresses are better-looking, the acting is more convincing, and the scenes are shot in high definition.

Do not take charge. Granted, you know your way around Pornhub and Youporn like a college freshman, but if you scroll through the thumbnail pictures together, it’s more like movie night where she picks the flick. There is a whole new genre of porn where everyday couples perform in front their webcams after talking with viewers, answering intimate questions, and getting everyone excited at the same time. To find them, search “Webcam couples.”

PROS: There is literally a porn niche for every single taste, and many are tastefully done. Also, the best porn sites are still free.
CONS: The music hasn’t changed one iota. Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

Mutual Masturbation

Here’s an excellent way to show your partner your favorite erogenous zones while watching their steps to climax. It’s not only educational, but the hottest form of foreplay – getting your respective parts ready for action.

Even better, try one of the latest auto-erotic toys on each other. For men, there is a new masturbatory aid on the market, light years ahead of the famous Fleshlight, that wraps itself into an adjustable life-life chamber and provides disposable inner sleeves for an instant clean-up. It’s called the Fifi, and it is the perfect masturbation buddy. Have you partner experiment with different angles and tempos.

For women, try one of those curved, tapered vibrators that massages the G-spot. Adventurous couples might want to experiment with vibrating eggs or even remote-controlled vibrators. Of course, a man should take over his mate’s vibrator, and she should try her hand at the Fifi device.

I guarantee she’ll like the Fifi. For one thing it doesn’t look like a sex toy; when not in use, it looks like a travel pillow. Secondly, your partner already knows your hygiene habits, and the disposable sleeve will be a welcome relief.

Note that all the tips presented here can be used by anyone: if you mate is male, you’ll need two Fifi toys; if your mate is the entire bridge club, you may want to consider subscribing to the Sleeve Club For Men, which ships you a fresh supply of disposable masturbatory sleeves every month!

PROS: Can you say, “M-m-multiple orgasms?”
CONS: You may end up ditching your partner and running off with your handy masturbator.

3-Way Phone Sex

We’ve saved the best for last because this one will get both your juices flowing like never before. Simply get a willing phone sex partner who can get you both off over the phone. It’s free if you call the ladies’ side of those phone dating services; there are always women and couples on hand seeking other couples.

PROS: You and your partner can get your jollies together with a sexy voice to goad you on, and then you just hang up when you’re done.
CONS: It can be slightly addictive.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, all three of the above sexual exploration tips can be used simultaneously. Enjoy!