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Alternate positions for your fifi

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How do you like to use your fifi male masturbator? Are you an underhand or overhand kind of guy? Chances are you’ve got a preference when it comes to masturbating with your sex toys and maybe you’re looking for a new way to do it.

Some fifi fans have told us they like to do the old “wedge it in between the mattress and box spring” routine with their male masturbation toys so they can hump away like they’re fucking a person. This is a good way to give your wrists a break, and you can make it as comfortable as you like with strategic placement of pillows. Just make sure your mattress doesn’t slide off the top, Sparky. You could end up with a nasty sprain or chafing. If you like this position and you’re looking for slightly more of a workout, then more advanced fifi users with good upper body strength can try the “fifi wedged between couch cushions” position instead.

Other guys are lucky enough to have a partner who will use the fifi on them. We can’t imagine every sex buddy would be such a good sport, but if you think you have that kind of relationship then go for it. Having your partner jack you off can be one of the sexiest things you’ll ever do together, and using a fifi adds a certain novelty to it. (And when they’re done jacking you off, they can use it as a cozy for a bottle of champagne.)

In whatever alternate positions you might choose, the fifi sex toy for men is always better than your hand. Get fifi here.