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A tale of two male masturbators: fifi vs. Fleshlight

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Anyone who’s ever heard of a male masturbator probably knows about the Fleshlight, a male sex toy that’s been around the block way too many times to count. But now that fifi is here, it’s time to compare these two toys and figure out which is the best male masturbator for you.

If you want a sex toy with an opening that’s molded on your favorite porn star’s body part, that’s one of the things Fleshlight is known for, but do you really need that? Most guys don’t need a visual clue to pretend that someone is actually sucking them off or fucking them. After all, what really matters for guys is having a tight hole.

Speaking of a tight hole, what if you need a custom fit? You can adjust your fifi’s tightness when you roll it up and fasten it. Even better, you can squeeze the fifi while you’re using it for added pressure, because the outside is foam. It’ll also mold to your shape over time, for an even more customized fit.

A Fleshlight makes you go through a lot of steps after every use. First you have to take it apart and rinse it with water. You use a special sanitary spray on it (not soap) and rinse it with water again. After you let it air dry, you powder it and put it all back together. Who wants to go to all that trouble and then risk somebody finding it while it’s sitting out to dry?

fifi is the perfect sex toy for men who hate to clean up after themselves, because you get to use disposable sleeves. You’ll love just being able to toss that sleeve in the trash can next to your bed. It’s easy and sanitary.

Guys who have used both of these male masturbators say that they think fifi feels just as good as a Fleshlight and they love not having to do any cleanup after a “session.” They like that the fifi is adjustable. If these sound like the things you want in your sex toy, then meet your new best friend—her name is fifi. Click here to get one.