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6 Tactics to Improve Your Stamina–In and Out of the Bedroom

6 Tactics to Improve Stamina Both In and Out of the Bedroom

Fess up: How many articles have you read lately that promised you tips about improving your sex life? Join the crowd. The topic is delicious and you’re all about learning techniques and moves that turn you into a world-class lover (WCL). Okay. So you’re already a WCL. Time to up your game so you move in universe-class circles between the sheets–but none of these titles will matter if you haven’t the stamina to prove your staying power. Choose from any of the six stamina-building suggestions we’ve unearthed for you—-hell, try them all. You’ve got a lot riding on staying the course, not the least of which is making sure your ego is never compromised!

Stamina builder #1: Eat up

Ah, the great food escapade. Dreams of using your tongue to lap off whipped cream slathered across breasts may have resulted in more laughs than orgasms in the past if the cream hit the sheets faster than yours arrived. Skip the refrigerated stuff. Instead, binge on pumpkin products. According to Dr. Ava Cadell, dubbed “Sexpert of the Year” at the 2015 Sexual Health Expo, “Pumpkin seeds get the blood flowing 40 percent faster” to the family jewels, so your sex drive gets a rocket ride and so does everything else. Indulge in pumpkin seeds, pie and whatever else floats your boat before you pay tribute to this modest gourd by having the best sex of your life. if you tell your partner that you baked a pumpkin pie just for her (even if you bought it at the supermarket), you’ll get a second dessert post-coitus, for sure.

Stamina builder #2: Talk dirty to me

Before you put those pumpkin products to work, a great conversation can ignite and delight both of you. Do you recall the scene in the Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams movie “Blue Valentine” where they sit at a pub table in a bar and talk about what they would do to each other if they were in bed? This erotic dialog is powerful because the words fuel libidos, yet the two barely touch. Want to play the game? On date night, pick a remote table and begin your erotic conversation about what you two would do to each other were you not out in public. Keep your hands to yourself for as long as possible and let your words do the work. This mind game qualifies as top-notch foreplay, but if you decide to have your sensuous chat at your place, please clear the table of utensils and dishes before you get going. Just sayin’.

Stamina Builder #3: Volunteer to be a jerk-off

Having survived the embarrassment of having Mom tiptoe into your room at night to deliver clean laundry while you’re engaged in perfecting your signature stroking technique, you’re now grown and (we hope) out of your parent’s basement. Masturbating is mandatory if you hope to increase your stamina, so treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving by acquiring the ultimate jerk-off accessory: Fifi. The money you save on paper towels and time saved on changing sheets are reasons enough to fall in love with the low-tech sex toy that delivers pleasure big time, and you don’t have to take her to dinner to thank her for her efforts on your behalf. Forget homemade towel/rubber contraptions that collapse as you’re ready to come. Fifi has your back–and your front. Join the Sleeve Club and never run out of Fifi inserts. Watch the YouTube instructional video at and you’ll be sold.

Stamina Builder #4: Work it hard

Your high school gym coach probably never told you this, but we will: the easiest way to increase your performance stamina is to hit the gym and do specific exercises to enhance your below-the-belt performance. Strong pelvic muscles result in powerful thrusting and your ability to stay the course long enough to get the object of your anatomy off is going to endear you even more than a promised slice of pumpkin pie. Here’s your menu: Squats require no equipment. Advance from full squats to one-leg squats. Make friends with barbells to increase your bench-press skills and cap off your workout with lunges that engage both your calves and lower back muscles. These moves alone will improve your stamina and you’ll know you’ve accomplished your mission next time you pick up your honey and ride her into Nirvana–while standing.

Stamina Builder #5: Complete your sex education

Even couples with libidos so strong, tours of public bathrooms and office supply closets can’t contain their enthusiasm, learn that eventually, sex comes down to half a dozen positions that don’t age as well as a nice Merlot or a hunk of extra-sharp cheddar if you don’t inject some variety into your gymnastics. While you may not have time to try all of the positions described in Tracey Cox’s “100 Hot Sex Positions” guide, think of the fun you’ll have trying to complete the list. Set up a camera to capture your moves and make your tour de force twice as exciting. Snag the book on Amazon ( ). We don’t recommend purchasing a used copy for obvious reasons, so if you haven’t courage to ask your reference librarian to get the book for you, the folks at Amazon don’t care what your reading tastes and sexual proclivities may be–as long as your credit card isn’t rejected.

Stamina Builder #6: Your lips are sealed

If you hope to build your stamina enough to make a noticeable difference in your sexual performance, you’re going to have to learn to say “No.” No to extra helpings of creamy mashed potatoes. No to the third glass of wine. No to eating the entire pumpkin pie rather than a slice. Weight has a profound amount of influence on stamina. Ride the carb train too often or become known as the dude who kills every last bottle of wine, beer or spirits, and don’t complain to us about your performance issues, Mister. There’s plenty of scientific evidence that proves guys who drop weight not only exhibit more stamina but they report better blood circulation. We don’t have to tell you what area of your anatomy benefits most from this, right? Sexual stamina benefits greatly from all sacrifices you’re willing to make, so if you must put something in your mouth, why not make it the object of your affections?