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4 Ways to Experience Sexual Pleasure in Exciting New Places


A major benefit of masturbation is having the opportunity to explore your own body for ways to enhance your own–and your partner’s–pleasure during sex. You can learn a lot from trying new things on yourself, and knowing the location of your erogenous zones gives you a road map for doing just that.

Your Erogenous Zones

The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek “eros,” which means “love,” and the English “genous,” which means “producing.” Your erogenous zones are areas of you body that have heightened sensitivity and responds sexually when touched at the right time by the right person. The most common erogenous zones on men are the neck, lips, ears, nipples, scrotum, perineum, and, of course, the almighty penis. Lesser-known erogenous zones include the eyelids, the feet and ankles, and the area just below your belly button.

But not everyone responds the same to these erogenous zones. Some people may not respond at all when they’re touched, while others may knock your socks off and contribute to an explosive orgasm when they’re properly manhandled during the deed. It just depends on the individual, which is why experimenting on your own can help open doors to better sex during the real deal. Here, then, are four ways to experience sexual pleasure in exciting new places.

1. Stimulate your nipples.

Try experimenting with nipple stimulation when you masturbate. Try lightly touching or flicking them, and try squeezing or rolling them. Notice when the stimulation feels the best, such as just before or during orgasm. If you end up getting a shock of pleasure from nipple action during sex, adult novelty stores stock all sorts of clamps, pumps and vibrating pads to elicit the response you’re looking for.

2. Press your perineum.

The perineum is the area between your anus and scrotum, and it’s a hotbed of sexual pleasure if you’re willing to experiment. This particular spot is rife with perineal nerves whose job is to convey sexually pleasurable sensations from the genitals to the brain. Try stroking or pressing on your perineum as you masturbate, and increase the pressure just before and during orgasm. But be warned: Once you experience the jolting pleasure, you may never be able to go back to plain old sex.

3. Squeeze your scrotum.

The pouch containing your testicles is rife with nerve endings that make it a powerful erogenous zone. You never know what kind of touch will do it for you, so experiment with different sensations, such as squeezing, stroking, or even touching it lightly with ice. If your playtime elicits shocking results, you can buy a vibrating ball pouch to free up your hand for other kinds of exploration.

4. Map Your Body

Body mapping is a technique of self-exploration that you can use during masturbation to find other erogenous zones, including some you may not have known you have. Lightly touch all of the areas of your body, and when you feel a sexual response, experiment with different pressures and speeds to come up with the perfect cocktail of pleasure.