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Blowjob school is a thing

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If you have a penis and you’re with a partner who doesn’t have one, then you might want to send them to blowjob school. It’s a real thing—there have been workshops both online and in meatspace on how to give blowjobs. But we know you like doing things the easy way if you’re a fifi owner, because you have the easiest sex toy to own, so we’ll just give you the steps that you can talk about with your partner. If communication isn’t your strong suit, you don’t even have to think up your own things to say. Of course, it’s up to you to figure out how to tell them without making it insulting. Read more

Better sex through healthier sleep habits

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Science is constantly working on ways for humans to understand and care for each other and ourselves. It has shown us how our minds and bodies relate to each other, and how important sleep is for our mental and physical health. We’ve also learned that without good sleep, our sex lives will suffer. Studies have shown that it’s not just quantity of sleep, but also the quality of it that matters. If we want better sex, then we need better sleep. Read more

fifi means freedom from maintenance and cleaning

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Here in the United States of America, home of the fifi male masturbator, the beginning of July is a time for cookouts, vacations, days on the lake or at the pool, and nights of fireworks for Independence Day. (We mean that literally, but some of you will hopefully be setting off some indoor fireworks.) Hot weather can make a man horny, as can all of those sexy bodies in bikinis at the beach or the pool. Read more

Whizworx sends fifi sex toys for men to Sexy Liberation

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As a company that stands for diversity, sexual freedom, and experimentation, Whizworx, LLC has sent free fifi men’s masturbators to

Founded in 2014, Sexy Liberation is an organization that sends free or steeply discounted sex toys to people who are less fortunate, curious, or both. The founders believe that sexual experimentation is an important part of the sexual revolution, and for personal growth. Sex toys are a safe way for people to learn about their bodies and their sexual turn-ons, whether they’re alone or with a partner. It’s all about equal opportunity orgasms. Read more

Try fifi as a sleep aid? Why not?

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks A New Take on Masturbation

If you’re like a lot of guys, you fall fast asleep after you have an orgasm. Not to get overly technical, but it has to do with the release of certain brain chemicals and the physical exertion of sex. If you’re already in bed and you’re tired, then it’s only natural that your body wants to go to sleep after you’ve finished. It’s not just your imagination, and an orgasm is the perfect sleep aid because it feels a whole lot better than taking a pill. Having an orgasm and then getting to sleep for at least eight hours sounds like the perfect night to us. As sleep aids go, an orgasm is natural and it’s usually going to be free, so you get to feel good about that, too. If it’s habit forming, well, we’d rather get hooked on orgasms than anything else. Read more

fifi Flashback Friday

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Remember when you made your first homemade sex toy? Did you call it your fifi? Maybe it was your homemade vagina or your pocket pussy. You probably rolled a rubber glove or a condom up in a towel. Some guys call it a jailhouse girlfriend.

Well, whatever you called that first homemade sex toy, now you call it your fifi and you don’t have to make it yourself. You’ll feel like you’ve made a breakthrough in your masturbation habits the first time you use it. Read more

Watch the porn she likes

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The porn women like

Since Mother’s Day weekend is coming up, we decided to ask some women we know about the porn that they like to watch. It might inspire you, if you have a MILF in your life, to treat her to the kind of porn she likes so that you can get inspired in the sack. We changed their names for the sake of privacy. Read more

Why guys like doggy style

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Whenever porn stars are asked what their favorite sexual position is, they nearly always say doggy style. Of course that could just be the answer they think their fans want to hear, but we don’t think so. Taking it from behind opens her up to new depths, literally, with deeper penetration that feels awesome for both the fucked and the fucker. It also emphasizes that sexy waist to hip curve and the roundness of the ass. No wonder guys also love doggy style. Read more

More sex comes to those who smell best

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Smell good, get more sex

If you’re looking to set your fifi male masturbator aside for the weekend and hook upthen you shouldn’t neglect the sense of smell. We put a lot of effort into looking presentable, but don’t forget that other people like it when we smell good. You could have everything else going for you, but if your scent really turns off the person you’re trying to hook up with, you’re not getting laid. Read more