1st Masturbator with No-Mess Cleanup

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  • Disposable Sleeves = No-mess cleanup
  • Discreet Design = Looks like a cushion
  • Adjustable Tightness = Roll tight or loose

Why fifi?

Because cleaning out a normal, fleshlike masturbator sucks. With fifi, you just throw
away the sleeve after you’re done and
it feels just as good.

Every fifi comes with 5 disposables
sleeves, and ships for free.*

VIEW PRODUCTS *Free shipping U.S. only.
“As you use it, fifi absorbs and reflects your body heat like a coat. As it warms up, which it does way better than all the other masturbators I've tried, it feels more lifelike and receptive, somehow.”
- LTASEX.com
“As a baseline assessment, it made masturbation a bit more fun and introduced a new wrinkle to our bedroom activities.”
- YourTango.com
“It's different. It's portable. It feels pretty darn good! I even took a trip with it once, as I had to be out of town for the night. It slide into my overnight bag with ease.”
- MrRacy.com

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase of the fifi kit within 30 days of the order date, contact us for a full refund.*

*Minus shipping cost.